December 3 - Important CRCSD announcements

We have several important announcements to share with families, staff and the community. 1. Due to a decrease in Linn County community positivity cases,...

Social Studies


  1. Builds critical thinking and analysis skills
    (necessary no matter what your post high school plans are...)
  2. Helps you gain an understanding of the world around you & beyond
  3. Improves reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  4. Prepares students for active citizenship
  5. It's fun! 

Social Studies Requirements

Freshman Year

  • No requirements, but elective are strongly suggested especially if student is interested in 4 year honors at graduation

Sophomore Year

  • World History is required for graduation
  • AP World History is an option

Junior Year

  • US History is required for graduation
  • College US History is an option (Dual Enrollment with Kirkwood CC)

Senior Year

  • Government and Economics are required for graduation
  • Past offerings have included AP Government, AP Micro and Macro Economics, and online course

Social Studies Electives

Behavioral Sciences 1 & 2 (one semester each)

  • BS1 is similar to an introduction to psychology course
  • BS2 is similar to a sociology course

AP Human Geography (year long)
Xổ số Taiping See below for more information

Geography (one semester)

  • Dual-enrollment course through Kirkwood; weighted grade & college credit
  • Psych 101

Current World Issues (one semester)

  • Course content is built around current events, with an emphasis on geography, government, and world history.

More on AP Human Geography

Looks at these questions - Where is it located? Why is it there? Why do we care?

  • So what do we study? Cultures, Languages, Religions, Population and Migration, Cities, Countries, Farms, Industries
  • Critical thinking, reading/note taking, and academic writing emphasized
  • Year-long elective Social Studies course
  • Students do NOT have to take the AP Exam
  • Prepares students for AP World History as Sophomores